technical &

other services

Where do you go when you want a crane? Mill City Communications. Our crane service is another example of smart diversification and our commitment to building Critical Infrastructure. And it is just one of Mill City’s technical and other services (see list below).

These services deepen and lengthen our relationship with business partners. They come to understand that when the project is mission-critical and gets into tricky, techie territory, it’s time to call Mill City. Customers appreciate that when technical things go wrong –- threatening to cost them time and money -- Mill City makes it right. “We get out there ASAP,” says one technician, “and we make it right the first time.”

Cabinet integration
Telco & Fiber installation and testing
COW/COLT deployment & coordination
DAS/repeater design & installation
Antenna sharing
Maintenance and emergency service
Generator deployment & fueling
Shipping, receiving, & warehousing
Site material procurement
Crane service, rigging, permitting